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Decorations for Bravery

Constable Mary Margaret Diane Brock, M.B.


Medal of Bravery

Date of Instrument: October 3, 1977
Date of Presentation: December 2, 1977

Cst. Diane Brock rescued a motorist from the burning wreckage of a car at Rannoch, Ontario, on 15 June 1976. Spotting him travelling at high speed, she gave chase over a distance of thirteen miles at excessive speeds. The motorist lost control and the car overturned in a ditch and burst into flames. Cst. Brock emptied an extinguisher on the fire but within moments the flames flared up again. Despite the imminent danger, she positioned herself behind the open roof of the car, and at the cost of minor injuries, freed the unconscious and heavy victim from the vehicle.

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