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Order of Canada

Roger A. Blais, C.C., O.Q., Ph.D., D.h.c., m.s.r.c.

Full Name Honour Received Residence
Roger A. Blais, C.C., O.Q., Ph.D., D.h.c., m.s.r.c. C.C. Laval
Honour Appointment Investiture
Companion of the Order of Canada May 1, 2002 February 21, 2003
A leading figure and a man of vision in the world of Canadian science, he has opened up new horizons for engineering. This renowned Professor Emeritus of the École Polytechnique de Montréal has consistently promoted scientific research, technological development and industrial innovation. He is also recognized for his pioneering role in establishing close and strong links between universities and industry. The catalyst of many projects, including an innovative training program on technology and international competition, he is also a board member of several high-technology companies. In addition, he stands out through his dedication to young entrepreneurs and his social commitment.

This is a promotion within the Order.
Officer of the Order of Canada December 17, 1984 April 10, 1985
Geological engineer, former director of research at École polytechnique de Montréal and founding director of the Centre d'innovation industrielle de Montréal, he has served in many capacities in learned societies and on scientific committees in Quebec, Canada and abroad.
Deceased on September 25, 2009.
Updated: 2018-03-26
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