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Order of Canada

Georges Henry Erasmus, O.C.

Full Name Honour Received Residence
Georges Henry Erasmus, O.C. O.C. Yellowknife
Honour Appointment Investiture
Officer of the Order of Canada April 15, 1999 September 23, 1999
He has continued to be a strong advocate for reconciliation. As Co-Chair of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, he helped develop plans for resolving major issues facing Canada's indigenous peoples. He is currently Chair of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation which supports community-based initiatives and serves on the boards of many human rights and ecological organizations across the country.
(This is a promotion within the Order)
Member of the Order of Canada June 29, 1987 May 6, 1988
A Dene, originally from Fort Rae, Northwest Territories, this prominent native leader, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations and former President of the Dene Nation has spent many years advocating the recognition of native rights and working to improve the quality of life of his people and their communities.
Updated: 2018-03-26
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