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Order of Canada

Leslie Nielsen, O.C.

Full Name Honour Received Residence
Leslie Nielsen, O.C. O.C. Phoenix, Arizona
Honour Appointment Investiture
Officer of the Order of Canada October 10, 2002 December 12, 2003
For over 50 years this international star has demonstrated his versatility in both drama and comedy, with appearances in over 80 movies and 1,500 television shows. Renowned for his comic talents, he was instrumental in re-invigorating the slapstick genre of comedy. He is an active participant in the Canadian cultural scene and has starred in movies and television series such as Men with Brooms and Due South. A major investor and supporter of children's programming, he is the narrator for several popular animated series. In addition, he has volunteered with various goodwill organizations, notably as a spokesman for UNICEF Canada's Change for Good program.
Updated: 2018-03-26
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