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Avie Bennett, C.C., O.Ont., LL.D.

Full Name Honour Received Residence
Avie Bennett, C.C., O.Ont., LL.D. C.C. Toronto
Honour Appointment Investiture
Companion of the Order of Canada October 30, 2003 May 14, 2004
One of the great altruists of our time, Avie Bennett continues to support Canadian culture, displaying extraordinary generosity and nobility of purpose. His donation of shares of his publishing house, McClelland and Stewart Ltd., to the University of Toronto was a bold and unprecedented act of largesse. This carefully crafted endowment will ensure that the company remains proudly Canadian and all income that the University receives will be used to secure a vibrant future for our artistic community. His conversion of The Canadian Encyclopedia to electronic form has made it available, free, to all Canadians through the Historica Foundation of Canada. A leader in corporate social responsibility, he is finishing his second term as chancellor of York University, where he has served with distinction.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Officer of the Order of Canada April 17, 1997 October 22, 1997
His commitment to Canadian literature and the promotion of new talent has continued unabated. The publishing house which he heads has consistently identified and nurtured developing writers, contributing to a vibrant literary culture which is uniquely Canadian. Deeply devoted to furthering the educational opportunities available to youth, he has underwritten several projects, most notably the distribution of the Canadian Encyclopedia to schools across the country. A quiet benefactor, he consistently supports a wide range of worthy causes including the National Ballet of Canada and the Doctors Hospital Foundation. This is a promotion within the Order.
Member of the Order of Canada April 19, 1991 October 30, 1991
He is well-known for his rescue of the publishing house, McClelland and Stewart, and for continuing the firm's commitment to Canadian literature and the development of new talent. But he does not seek a high public profile for his business acumen nor for his exceptional generosity which has ensured that Canadians can continue to enjoy the benefits of improved health care, educational and cultural facilites.
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