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The Right Honourable Rom�o LeBlanc

The Right Honourable Romeo LeBlanc

The Right Honourable Romo LeBlanc became Governor General of Canada on February 8, 1995, following a long and distinguished career of public service. An Acadian born in Memramcook, New Brunswick in 1927, he was the first Governor General from the Maritimes.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education at l'Universit St-Joseph, Memramcook and studied French Civilization at l'Universit de Paris. He also holds a number of honorary degrees.

Mr. LeBlanc spent nine years as a teacher. He quickly developed strong beliefs about the important role educators play in our society, which he continues to hold today.

In 1960, he turned to journalism, working as a correspondent for Radio-Canada. This led to Mr. LeBlanc serving as Press Secretary to Prime Ministers Lester B. Pearson and Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Mr. LeBlanc was elected to the House of Commons in 1972, representing the riding of Westmorland-Kent in New Brunswick. He was a cabinet minister from 1974 to 1979 and 1980 to 1984.

As Canada's longest-serving fisheries minister, Mr. LeBlanc won a lasting reputation as a friend of the fishermen. He helped to establish Canada's 200-mile fishing limit and to shape the International Law of the Sea. Under his leadership, conservation and resource management encouraged strong growth in the fishing industry during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Mr. LeBlanc became a Senator in 1984 and was appointed Speaker of the Senate in 1993.

As Governor General, in addition to the official role and responsibilities, Mr. LeBlanc promoted several personal causes.

The Right Honourable Romo LeBlanc passed away on June 24, 2009. He was married to Diana Fowler LeBlanc and they had four children.

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