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Governor General of Canada / Gouverneur général du Canadaa


Governor General


Commander-in-Chief of Canada

Commander-in-Chief of Canada

The Governor General of Canada is also Commander-in-Chief of Canada. As such, the Governor General plays a significant role in encouraging excellence and recognizing the important role of Canada’s military at home and abroad.

Among these responsibilities, the Governor General:

  • Appoints the Chief of the Defence Staff on the recommendation of the Prime Minister;
  • Acts on recommendations from the Minister of National Defence regarding the appointment of Royal Colonels-in-Chief of Canadian Regiments;
  • Approves new military badges and insignia;
  • Visits Canadian Forces personnel, at home and abroad;
  • Presents new colours to the Canadian Forces;
  • Awards military Honours, such as the Order of Military Merit; Meritorious Service and Military Valour Decorations; Peacekeeping and Special Service Medals;
  • Signs Commission Scrolls, etc.

Upon appointment, the Commander-in-Chief receives the Canadian Forces decoration and becomes:

Updated: 2018-03-26
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