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The Coat of Arms of The Right Honourable Rom�o LeBlanc

The symbols on a coat of arms are chosen specifically to represent the recipient's character. However, there are basic elements of many coats of arms: a shield, a crest, supporters and a motto.

Arms (Shield): 

The national colours of red and white are given additional significance, the white recalling M. LeBlanc's family name, one of the most well known and numerous of all Acadian families.  The red "V", a "pile" in heraldry, refers to the Valley of the Memramcook, M. LeBlanc's native region in New Brunswick, site of his birth place, L'Anse-aux-Cormier.  At the centre is the star of Acadia, the official symbol of the Acadian people since 1884, here in celebration of M. LeBlanc's roots.  The Royal Crown refers to his appointment as the 25th Governor General since Confederation.  The shield is encircled with the motto of the Order of Canada and beneath it is suspended the insignia of a Companion of the Order.

Crest (above the shield): 

The four eagle feathers encircled by a band of Micmac quill decoration honour the first Peoples of Canada and their artistry and cultures.  The eagle feathers, a symbol of peace for many of the First Peoples also represent M. and Mme. LeBlanc's four children and Mme. LeBlanc's Fowler ancestors.

Compartment and Supporters: 

These stand on a compartment symbolizing Canada from sea to sea and the multi-ethnic character of the Canadian people.  The central portion also recalls the Micmac origin of the word Memramcook, meaning multi-coloured landscape.  The dolphin supporters recall M. LeBlanc's original ancestor who settled in Acadia about 1650 on the Rivire Dauphin (now Annapolis River).  They also celebrate M. LeBlanc's maritime heritage in Atlantic Canada and his service as federal Minister of Fisheries.  Composed of fleur de lys and maple leaves the dolphins' collars represent M. LeBlanc's service to Canada, his Acadian roots and the various French language communities of the country.  The steam locomotive wheel on the medallion of the dolphin at the left honours M. LeBlanc's father's service on Canadian railways and, more widely, the pivotal role of such transport in our national history.  On the right is a book, recalling M. LeBlanc's career as a teacher and celebrating the vital role of learning in personal and national development.


"It is right to remember the forgotten."

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Updated: 2019-03-29
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