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Meritorious Service Decorations

Eligibility and Nominations

Anyone may nominate an individual for the civil division of the Meritorious Service Decorations. With respect to the military division, a commanding officer nominates potential candidates in the military, referring them to a military Advisory Committee which reviews nominations and submits names to the Chief of the Defence Staff.

The Chancellery of Honours keeps all nominations confidential to respect privacy and to avoid disappointment if the nominee is not selected. We ask that nominators and others involved respect this policy.

Separate Advisory Committees review military and civilian nominations and submit recommendations of eligible nominees to the Governor General for approval.

Meritorious Service Decorations are awarded to individuals who have, for example:

  • raised awareness of worthwhile causes and little-known diseases;
  • prevented violence towards women and children;
  • restored the safety and health of others in war-torn countries; or
  • initiated a project that benefited people in the community.
Updated: 2018-03-26
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